Sevylor Alameda kanootti

Alameda täytettävä kanootti on mainio koko perheen päiväretkille sisävesistöissä tai suojaisilla saaristoalueilla.  Mitat: 375 x 95 cm Paino: 19 kg. Max kantavuus 210Kg. Tarkoitettu kahdelle aikuiselle ja yhdelle lapselle.

374,5 x 95 cm

carrying capacity 210 kg

for 2 adults & 1 child

The sporty 'Alameda' follows the footsteps of its predecessor, the Hudson. It is just as good and has new and innovative features. Whether you plan on a family trip anlong the coast or a trip with your friends across the lake - the 'Alameda' is the right choice. It has a wide shape thus a very good stability. With the 'Easy Inflation System' the three air chambers are inflated simultaneously in the premium version. There is a drain valve, a spraydeck at bow and rear, rubber bands at the bow for fastening luggage as well as two comfortable seats with padded backrest, big seating surface and innovative levitating seats.You decide whether you want to drive with two or three persons - the seats are removable. The preformed handles on the sides are also the paddle holders. An all-round success and a pleasure to drive.

€ 589,00


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